Breaking Barriers to Learning
Effective differentiation is vital to the academic success of individual pupils.

Our consultancy explores practical approaches to creating explicit differentiated lesson plans, schemes of work and classroom practice.  This will enable members of staff to make the curriculum accessible and engaging; allowing pupils to make accelerated progress. Our consultancy will be delivered through examples drawn from across the curriculum; demonstrating differentiation through classroom organisation, learning styles and Literacy strands.

Who is the consultancy for?

Our consultancy is tailored to develop the working practice of differentiation within your learning environment amongst teachers, teacher assistants, the Special Needs and the EAL departments.

What will you learn?

  • To explicitly plan and implement effective differentiated activities, ensuring all pupils are able to access the curriculum.
  • To link differentiated resources and activities to success criteria and examination assessment criteria.
  • To use pupil data to inform differentiated resources and activities used within learning and teaching.
  • To promote and raise the awareness of Literacy amongst all members of staff within the learning environment.

Benefits of consultancy – you will be able to:

  • Improve exams results by raising academic excellence through the organisation of differentiated activities resources.
  • Skilfully guide pupils’ learning, without stifling their creativity and ensuring accelerated progress.
  • Create and deploy resources and activities that will give opportunities to all pupils to demonstrate accelerated progress.