Breaking Barriers to Learning
At INFLUENTIAL BRAINWAVES we are passionate about supporting our pupils, teachers and parents. We have a friendly and professional team who work collaboratively with our partners to provide resources and services that the school curriculum requires, meeting their individual needs to enhance learning and teaching. Our learning resources and services are guaranteed for Breaking Barriers to Learning and engaging our learners to positively experience the fun of learning with their family, peers and teachers.

Our mission at INFLUENTIAL BRAINWAVES is to create an Influential learning and teaching platform amongst families, teachers and pupils and peer groups. We aim to develop the intellectual, emotional and social skills to empower our learners.

About Me

I  am the Director of INFLUENTIAL BRAINWAVES.  My 20 years of experiences have given me the insight into how children learn and the expertise to skilfully craft initiatives and resources to ensure that the needs of all learners are met and that progress is achieved.  I have a wealth of experience in learning and teaching within the English curriculum; in the capacity of teaching and consultancy,  as a Special Educational Needs Coordinator, Transition Consultant and carrying out the role as a Literacy Director. 

Learning and teaching has been my passion since the age of 7.  I remember carrying out weekly job searches in the local newspaper, passionately reading adverts for a teaching post. I would share my passion with my parents and in return their support and encouragement kept my fire burning to become a teacher. I am very much a believer in the power of the spoken word; therefore I said it, I believed it and I am doing it. The fire is still burning; fuelled by testimonials of pupils’ positive attitude to learning and their progress.

I am also empowered by other inspirational individuals who inspire me to share the fun experience of learning and teaching.  I have the privilege of working with our team of specialist who share the vision, ‘Breaking Barriers to Learning’. My grandchildren are constant reminders that the simple art of learning must not be forgotten but be embraced, exercised and enjoyed through generations. My mentor taught me that my wealth of experience in education should not be limited to one school’s population but it must affect, empower and enable a larger group of people.

INFLUENTIAL BRAINWAVES is new on the educational map; it has been created for Breaking  Barriers to Learning and creating lifelong experiences of success.

Literacy Rich Academy the game for Witty Brains, High Point Scoring, Classroom and Brain Power Investments. A new and exciting educational board game that brings togetherness, fun and knowledge; whilst developing Literacy skills. 'A must have game'  in your homes and in your classrooms.

Have you got the Brain Power to become the leading INFLUENTIAL BRAINWAVES of the Academy?

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