Breaking Barriers to Learning


INFLUENTIAL BRAINWAVES Breaking Barriers to Learning and inspires learners to develop their knowledge, skills, understanding and personal learning and thinking skills through our innovative board games, resources and services.
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"I know this."
INFLUENTIAL BRAINWAVES empowers learners through knowledge and offers a sense of achievement whilst transferring their knowledge to education, society or work.


"I understand how to do this."
INFLUENTIAL BRAINWAVES' learners are able to grasp strategies and concepts through our games and services; applying them to their own learning.


"I have the ability."
INFLUENTIAL BRAINWAVES'  learners’ skills are developed through consistent practising.

Personal learning and thinking skills

"I am able to explore and develop."
INFLUENTIAL BRAINWAVES' learners are engaged in learning and recognise the value and importance of education in their lives in this fast changing world.